Kinklab Agent Noir Neon Wand Electrosex Kit

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The Kinklab Agent Noir Neon Wand Electrosex Kit is a 13-piece kit that will fully prepare you to explore your wildest neon wand fantasies. The Agent Noir set includes a black-handle Neon Wand plus several attachments for maximum versatility. The fun set is contained in an intimidating silver attache case for ultimate presentation and protection of your kit.

What's Included

  • Neon Wand

    The Kinklab Neon Wand is an electro-stimulation device that is great for beginners and more experienced users. The Neon Wand is fully adjustable to deliver subtle static electricity pulses that range from a tingling sensation to a more powerful sting.
  • Comb Glass Electrode

    The Comb Glass attachment is the same as included in the standard Neon Wand Kits. It's a versatile attachment that evenly disperses electricity through its teeth but when the need arises, the tip of it can be used for a much more concentrated sting.
  • Tongue Glass Electrode

    This glass electrode features an oval head that tapers towards the front forming the shape of a tongue. With the tapered finer point, the intensity of the static shocks is increased. This attachment is also found in the standard Neon Wand Kits.
  • Mushroom Glass Electrode

    Also included in the standard Neon Wand Kits, the Mushroom Glass Electrode is an attachment well suited to begin with. The shape resembles that of a mushroom, a rounded flat-head, that has an increased area of contact that disperses the static electricity over a wider area producing more light but less sting.
  • Probe Glass Electrode

    Very similar to the 90 Degree Probe Glass Electrode but arched towards the end to give you some new angles to play with as your let your imagination run wild. This probe is found in the other standard Neon Wand Kits.
  • 90 Degree Probe Glass Electrode

    A great electrode to have in your set, this is a basic simple shape that will let your imagination be creative; intensity can range from subtle to stings depending on the setting and if you roll the probe over the skin or use its pointed ends to stimulate.
  • Bulb Glass Electrode

    An attachment that has more bark than bite, this round glass sphere is similar to plasma globes. It gives off a visually stunning and intimidating effect. Designed to be more so on the softer side of tingling versus shocking; a great starter piece.
  • Power Tripper Attachment

    Turn your body into an electrode with the Kinklab Neon Wand Power Tripper attachment. Instead of using glass attachments to conduct the static, your entire body will do so upon any skin-to-skin contact. This is truly a must-have attachment for the Neon Wand.
  • The Electro Whip

    A multi-chain mini-flogger that combines very well with the Power Tripper attachment to give the receive a tantalizing experience. When utilizing the Power Tripper, your hand passively sends electricity to the Electro Whip which upon body contact with your play partner will send subtle static sparks throughout the chain links.
  • The Pinwheel

    The Pinwheel features sharp pins in a circular wheel that in itself will send prickly sensations throughout the skin as you roll it over the body. When combined with the Power Tripper, not only will the sensation be prickly, but it will include arousing static shocks as well.
  • The Rolling Drum

    This is a metal attachment that, similar to the pinwheel, will deliver a prickly sensation on its own. When combined with the Neon Wand Power Tripper, the prickly sensation is enhanced with electrical shocks as you roll the drum across your play partner's body.
  • Black Double Locking Handcuffs

    Throw a bit of roleplay in with your play sessions of torture or interrogation with the included high-quality black locking handcuffs. These are top quality premium double-locking metal handcuffs.
  • Silver Attache Carrying Case

    For ultimate presentation and intimidation, this carrying case features a combination lock and custom designed padding that fits the kit. The attache case is perfect for transporting or storage.

Safety, Care, and Usage

It's important to follow all manufacturer's directions and safety instructions. To clean the glass probes, use isopropyl alcohol (75% or greater). Allow the alcohol to dry and evaporate completely before use.

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