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Kinklab Neon Wand Power Tripper

Kinklab Neon Wand Power Tripper

Brand Kinklab
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The Kinklab Power Tripper is the ultimate must-have attachment for the Neon Wand. Instead of relying on glass electrodes, the power tripper electrifies your entire body so you become the electrode resulting in tingling stimulating body-to-body contact. To use the attachment, simply plug it into your Neon Wand and strap it on to your body, making skin contact. As soon as you touch your play partner's body, you'll both feel the tingle sensation . Depending on the intensity level, the sensation can range from a subtle tingle to an intense bite. The Kinklab Power Tripper is made of premium quality conductive material and wiring allowing it to perform better at lower settings than other similar attachments in the market.

Manufacturer's Warning

The Power Tripper is to be used only with the Neon Wand or other products tuned for this device that are manufactured by Stockroom, Inc / Kinklab.

The Power Tripper is a highly stimulating toy intended only for use by adults of sound mind and body. To avoid risk of personal injury, you must read the directions and safety information in the enclosed manual before you first use this device.

Power Tripper Attachment Details

  • Cord Length: 44.75in (13.66cm)
  • Contact Plate Length: 3.25in ()
  • Contact Plate Width: 2in (5cm)
  • Enclosed NiMH battery

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