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Scandal Hog Tie with Wrist and Ankle Restraints

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Category: Hogties

Elevate your hogties with the Scandal Hog Tie which also includes the wrist and ankle cuffs. Skip the rope and effortlessly restrain your sub's ankles and wrists to submit them to the classic hogtie submission position. The Scandal Hog Tie is not just like any other hogtie. It includes the wrist and ankle cuffs that are soft and plushy on one side with designer fabric on the other side. The Scandal Hog Tie can be taken apart completely and used as individual wrist and ankle cuffs. The clasps are universal and the o-rings have a swivel design. The cuffs are adjustable up to 14.5" and made of polyester with velcro. Straps are made of polypropylene. Hardware is made of nickel-free iron (rings, rivets) and nickel-free alloy (clasp).

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